Monday, July 23, 2012

Creative Missionaries!!

We are being creative missionaries!! We go around and
write or in chalk on the sidewalk,
with our phone number. 
We love the members of our branch!!  They are great!!!


This past week there was a branch picnic and it was great laying down some Dominos with them. Thanks Grandma Margret for teaching me the tricks of the trade! 

Victor was baptized yesterday!! He bore a strong testimony yesterday and was grateful to have been baptized. After he was immersed, we walked out of the font and he said," Wow Elder, I didn't know you were that strong!" I definitely made sure he was baptized. :) Yesterday after the baptism, I took the time to learn a little bit about Genealogy, it is very interesting. I wish I would have had more opportunities to use it as a missionary tool.
I have loved being a representative of Jesus Christ in the countries of France and Switzerland. Through out all of these experiences, I have felt the love of the Savior and the love that Heavenly Father has for each of His children. The worth of souls is great in the site of God. 

This is the work of the Lord. I know it to be true. The Holy Ghost has witnessed the truth of these things to me. The Book of Mormon is true and it testifies of Christ. One must read it and then pray about it with sincerity and faith addressing God in the name of His Son, Jesus Christ to know it. 

I have experienced great satisfaction and joy in the mission field. (As well as great trials and frustrations). This work refines us, sanctifies us, and tries us so that our actions reflect our words and thoughts. 

 I am excited to see you all!! 

Elder Garlock

Sunday, July 15, 2012

P-Day Excursions and Zone Conference

We went to go see some chateaus with Frère M. The first one we went to is called 

Chateau de la Rochefoucauld. It was really cool. 
There was also a river running by it, with a little café over part of
it, and Frère M bought us some ice cream. 

Then we drove through some forests, and stopped at a few places. Frère M has a PhD in
Geology so he explained a bunch of stuff. Then we went to another little village, but
the chateau there was private and not really accessible but the
village itself was still really cool. 

Zone Conference with our new Mission President

Thursday, July 5, 2012

A Little Bit More News...

Remi, who has been coming to church for forty years, but has never been baptized, even though his whole family are members, has finally decided to be baptized!

 Beautiful Area!!

Victor, is still scheduled to be baptized. He's taken the lessons a few times before, including in America, and now he's ready. 

We did a little bit of service this week in the chapel library. It desperatelly needed some spring cleaning. We ended up throwing away four garbage bags full of stuff. Most of it was just outdated manuals or study guides. There was a certificate for the Young Womens Award that was signed by Howard W. Hunter, when he was the President of the Twelve, so back when Ezra Taft Benson was President. That's how long its been since this closet was cleaned out. We also found a film strip, A FILM STRIP!.... of Johnny Lingo!!

Monday, July 2, 2012


We have a new mission president and new changes new programs and new activities.

 As I look back on these last 23 months of life, the over all theme as been gratitude and struggle. Which in turn means growth. The Book of Mormon, if read daily, changes us, inspires us and keeps us safe from losing the battle in which we are found. Throughout the duration of my mission, promised blessings and promised trials have been fulfilled. Often times, I am found praying to have a difficulty taken from me. However, following Christ's example, a more correct attitude in prayer would be: give me this mountain, give me the force to overcome, learn from and conquer these challenges. 

I remember my Mission President said, "A mission is not a mission unless you finish in the trenches of this war between good and evil!"

I think that applies to everything.  If we care enough about this war, would it not make sense to be on the front line being a leader for change, a leader for reform and a leader of truth holding the banner of freedom!

Testifying of God, following His steps holding fast to the IRON rod! I love Doctrine and Covenants 1. This is not the new born babe in Bethlehem speaking, this is the Resurrected glorified Christ, the Savoir the God of Israel, restoring the work of Salvation on the earth and calling us to prepare for His return. He calls on the simple and weak things of the world to THRASH the nations. I definitely fit that description and category. This Gospel and cause of Christ is real and true.  If Christ needs a witness, I am there for I am living in the trenches and feel and see the sun through the clouds, thunder and rain!  

Elder Garlock

This is Elder Adams, a new companion.  Here are some of his thoughts.  Angoulême. Its a pretty beautiful place. The land is a lot more 'hilly.'' There's some rivers that run through the city

The climate is cool. Our apartment is really nice. The apartment used to be the worst in the mission,
according to President Murdock, but we got a new one a few months ago.

Elder Garlock is funny, and kind of crazy. For example, a member was dropping us off at our apartment, and we were almost there, just around another corner, and we were waiting at a light. Then Elder Garlock saw this guy walking outside, and he decided he wanted to contact him, so he jumped out of the car and ran after him. Then the light turned green and we had to go, so the member went and turned the corner and parked in front of our apartment. So I got our bags out of the car, thanked the member for the ride, and then went to find Elder Garlock. He looks exactly like Robert Patinson

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Nathan with His Companion

Serving Smart and Working Hard

This week we have really worked hard, smart and by the spirit. We are looking for people who are ready to be baptized and who want to follow Jesus Christ

TODAY! The Lord heard our prayers and delivered! We found Victor who was taught by the missionaries in 2007 and then moved to America and lived in the south for 5 years and just this year he moved back. 

In America, he was working towards baptism with the missionaries and then moved. He was ready and so we engaged him for baptism! He came to church and loved it Sunday. 

We also made calls to all old investigators and people taught and found and taught Joao, a man who was very, very, ready and we also engaged to baptism. Both of them are engaged for the 21 of July! 

A mission is a blessing.  I have a firm belief that a mission should be challenging no matter where you serve. There is always a challenge specifically designed for your abilities.  I have learned that when flop and wail you need to lean on and love the Lord.

Elder Garlock

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Monday, May 7, 2012


This week was such a happy one. I got the news that Sonia, the women in Vitrolles I found while doing English class was baptised and is engaged to a member of the church in Aix en Provence! I was able to call her and we both cried, laughed and felt the love of God. She has a son who is 16 and could be a future missionary! She will be married Sept 8 and I would love to come back when they go through the temple to get sealed. She was so happy and the Gospel of Jesus Christ was the engine that changed her and keeps her and us all on the straight and narrow path.

I was thinking this week a bit about home and the future but the Lord blocked my train of that and all I kept thinking about in my head was the words on the American money 'In God we Trust' how many people forget the simple reminder on the green benjamins that blessing both temporal and eternal come from the On High.

This week I had an incredible experience. Elder D. had to go have his legality taken care of so we had to leave the France Lyon Mission for a day to go to a beautiful city named Poitiers in the Paris France mission. We ended up teaching a few people while waiting between meetings and met 5 members of the Branch in Poitiers. We also went and saw a Catholic baptistery where in the beginning of the Catholic church they baptised by immersion. The baptismal font is still intact and can be viewed but no pictures could be taken. So to the meet of the Poitiers trip we went into the prefecteur meaning the legality government office and sat down and waited our turn for a good hour or so. There was a fellow American from Pennsylvania(spelling so bad sorry) who struck a conversation with Elder D. about everything and nothing. The director who doesn't speak English comes over to Elder D. and tells him to take off his plaque because she thought he was preaching in a public government building. She was not happy at all I simply explained to her that we were not preaching and that we do not wish to take off our plaque. She explained that the government building was a place laic meaning a place where God does not exist and asked me what does that do for you to wear your plaque? I felt the pressure of the moment with all the people in the building now aware of our conversation starring and said It reminds me that I am called of God. I then explained that I will leave if she would like but that I would not take off my plaque. She said that I could stay but reminded me again of the government building that I was in. After this experience I felt the conformation of the Holy Ghost that I am called of God and we must sometimes take a position not popular or easy in order to follow the Savior. It was such an intense experience and I realized how difficult it can be to oppose government officials and still be respectful while following the law.
Yesterday's Sunday meeting was one of the best in my mission. We will finally see progress I hope from branch members. There were 21 in attendance but the spirit was powerful. The testimony meeting was very very powerful and I too bore my testimony that Christ lives, God does not change and that he restored and is EVEN NOW restoring through members and missionaries a like the Gospel and Church of Jesus Christ on the earth.

We have an olderly woman neighbor, who lived in America for years and is completly non believing but loves us as missionaries!! I probably have mentioned her in past emails as well. Her two kids from Carrollton. Georgia came into town and took us out twice this past week to an all you can eat chinese resturant mmmmm and took us to get a steak which was exceptional! They were very very kind and this morning we woke up early to see them off at the train station.

Revelation is so very important when following the Savoir. I had to come to the realization that I choose to become a missionary because I received the testimony and witness from the Spirit of God and did not choose to be a missionary because of the great tradition, pressure or acceptance I needed from my family to fall into the dogma of man. I am grateful to have been so very blessed with parents and a family tradition that led me to my testimony to recognize the TRUTH.
I am grateful for a Church and Gospel which encourages us to be open and educated. Like President Hinckley said, education is the key to opportunity. Thank you for your example in continuing your education. love,

Elder Garlock

Merci! Birthday!

Dear Family,

Wow this week was fabulous and fun filled! We had Zone Conference and I received all of the packages and letters from march and April! I love your letters!
President and Soeur Murdock called me in the airport coming to Bordeaux telling me that I must be really loved! They said their bags weighed to much so they had to sacrifice the frosting and opened the packages  to get rid of some extra weight. But all the essentials were kept :)

I love President and Soeur Murdock they rock! Actually my old comp Elder H. had to be run to the emergency room during zone conference due to a spider bite and the 2 zone leaders left and put me in charge for the afternoon. I hope it went over alright. It was off the fly so at least I've started to become accustomed to that a bit more as a missionary.

Actually while playing the hymns for sacrament meeting I usually prepare the simplified ones and lay them out as to be prepared before hand so I played when there is love at home all the way the love at home love at home but forgot to lay out the second page so I was guessing and playing by ear for the 2nd half of the song for the 3 verses :) it was intense! Well I have a great story but I think I better save it for post mission because it was pretty intense and I don't want mom to worry but lets just say I ran really really fast and found out how out of shape I really am! :p

Thank you so much for the birthday gifts and letters seriously it keeps me positive and working hard! We are hoping to baptism someone in the month of May pray hard!

Elder Garlock

Two people in the last two weeks in Pau and Vitrolles were baptized whom I taught and had actually given both of them baptismal dates! How awesome! MIRACLES

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Missing the Puget Sound

How is the Puget Sound? It has been raining like crazy here which reminds me of looking out over the Sound and watching storms roll in tugs pass by and ferries snail around the beautiful bay. There had been a primary activity this week planned for Saturday but it was sadly cancelled because there were 5 sisters there with the one and only active primary kid.

We have been seeing great progress with a less active brother who I had called my first week in Angouleme I think I have already talked about him a bit. In any case he came to church yesterday and loved it. The day before we had him call another less active couple and invite them to church. It was great to see a man that had regressed in the gospel begin to progress again and taking action with his faith. Yesterday after church he came up to us in tears and thanked us for helping him see the vision once again. The Atonement of Jesus Christ is the vehicle and engine of love which creates change, repentance and progress to receiving eternal life which gift is the greatest of all gifts.

After being in France for so long you would think you have heard it all when people refuse you but this past week was something too funny. I was standing at a bus stop and turned to the lady to my left and asked her when the next bus was coming she said, "ca m'interesse pas", meaning that doesn't interest me. The man to her left said the next bus was coming in 5 minutes and the lady felt rather embarassed because she realized I was not trying to engage her in a gospel conversation right off the bat but find out the next bus time :) We all laughed including the women which was positive ;)

I loved your birthday wishes!! Thank you so much for the LOVE.
Elder Garlock

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

17 Miracles

Christ Lives. His Church is Restored. Thomas S Monson is the living prophet today. The Book of Mormon is the tangible concrete proof of these things. By reading the words found in The Book of Mormon we find the words of God, prophecies, revelations and testimonies of Gods servants. We receive the answers of questions of the soul, the fullness of the Gospel and a witness by the Holy Ghost that it is true. The only way that i have seen someone progress in the Gospel by following the prompting of the Holy Ghost and daily reading The Book of Mormon.

How grateful I am to be here in France. Is there opposition in all things? YES Is it all worth it? Yes, Although these past few weeks have been very challenging I feel more of God's love and know that he sent me here to Angouleme to be stretched in patience, charity and faith. When our hope is faith and we test our faith, it is sealed by the Holy Ghost to be truth and we receive a powerful witness from God that Man cannot give to us or take away.

How grateful I am to have a family sealed in the holy Temple of the Lord. Time and time again investigators know that marriage is ordained of God and know what we teach to be true but don't follow through and make the steps necessary.

As I had the occasion to watch the film, 17 Miracles, it reminded me of the words, Sacrifice brings forth the blessings of heaven. How much these saints gave and how much they were grateful for everything they had. How much I have and how blinded I am to not even recognize that I have it.

Something funny that I keep forgetting to write is the first morning of Elder D's mission he said 'is that the alarm to wake up?' and i said 'yes elder it is' :) haha

Today I received a phone call from the office of the mission asking me which airport I would like to fly into to go home and I said Paris :) !!!!


Elder Garlock

Monday, March 12, 2012

Week of Many Miracles!

1. We started moving apartments on Friday and there was a large pile of garbage that needed to be thrown away after sorting through everything. Side note: In this ville because it is so small, it has specific days when the garbage man passes instead of huge community "pits". So our days were Wednesday and Sunday. Meaning that leaving a huge pile of garbage on the street is illegal any other day. So we left it out on the street for two hours and had the plan that the J's (a couple missionaries from Lacy, WA serving in Mont de Marson) would come by and haul it off to the dump. But before they arrived a man came up from the city to tell us we had to move it. We started talking a bit about religion and became friendly that he pulled his truck up next to our garbage and threw it in the back and hauled it off to the dump for us. Saving us a good hour!

2. Saturday night we made tons of phone calls to invite everyone to church and I called a man that said if someone could pick him up he would come so I organized that someone would go pick him up and he came and loved church! He told us after that he had prayed to be able to go to church on Sunday but he didn't know where. The last time he had contact with missionary's was in 2008. The Lord answers prayers!

3. As we were moving, a less active showed up and started helping us move. He said he had no clue that we were moving but happened to drive by right as we were loading up the van. We were able to talk to him about his 8 yr old son who is not baptized and invited him to become worthy to baptize him. He ended up coming to church which was the first time in over 10 months!

4. We had a rendezvous with a Catholic man and he accused us that we didn't know the Bible. The member we were with started reciting 30 psalms that he just so happened to memorize usually after manifestations of knowledge like that you come off prideful or unkind. But our member was filled with the spirit and love was in the room the man ended up staying in his ways and not accepting another testimony of Jesus Christ. But we felt like we were successfully fulfilling our missionary purpose.

5. We did lots of door to door contacting and found 3 new large famillies who accepted us with open arms which NEVER happens. Faith, perseverance and a good attitude based on the fundementals of the gospel of Jesus Christ I know was the only way that those miracles were produced. Applied eternal prinicples put into practice results the Love of God manifest!

Elder Garlock

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Transferred and Toe Surgery

Change has occurred and I have been sent to Angouleme! It is just north of Bordeaux and is the comic book capitale of the world!

It is a tough city with 0 amis when I arrived. This past Sunday was branch conference and there were 38 people at church with 25 of them being for the stake presidency or auxilaries and their families.

We arrived late at night and the next morning We woke up freezing and immediately called the bureau asking to go buy a heater because it was soooooo cold!

The branch members are awesome and very unique I love it :) These past couple days have been an organization feast and here it's a Beziers /Vitrolles mix with a branch and crazy bus schedules to deal with! I have confidence that the Lord has prepared me to help this branch and look forward to this challenge.

TELL everyone to study preach my gospel! I can testify that there is a large difference between missionaries and members who actually study and apply its principles and those that don't. It will help with everything in the church giving talks, teaching Sunday school, having friends receive the missionaries and the restored gospel it is modern day scripture!

This Gospel is true and restored, my toe is slowly recoving and healing and the Atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ is something applied daily in my life. Preach my gospel changes how the gospel is presented and by its effect how it is received.

Elder Garlock

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

This Little Piggy Went to the Doctor????

Elder C INSISTED that I go see a doctor! I finally decided this week to give in and go see a doctor about my ingrown toenail. I decided to call a member and ask her for a referral if she knew of any good doctors. She quickly gave me the number of her family doctor and I called and set up a redezvous with her for the very next day at 12. Elder C and I were very surprised that she could see me so soon. She told me that before coming in I would need to take belladona and a sulfer medicine. Both I didn't recognize. We ran to the pharmacy which was just across the street and got the belladona but the other I would need to come in the next day to pick it up. I immediately took the belladona and I'm not sure if it was a side effect or what but I got a normal head cold soar throat, eyes watering and nose running immediately the next morning before the appointment.

We went to the appointment prepared to get a little operation on my toe done. Once we arrived we knocked on the door and a doctor answered in a lab coat with nice furry boots on that normally a 15 year old girl would wear to high school. I decided not to judge her-- maybe this doctor was different than all the other testimonies of missionaries with scissors left in them, infections coming from the surgeons etc. So we walked in and sat down she had a diploma or something like any other normal doctor on her wall that said her name and underneath Homeopath. I had remembered hearing that word before but I couldn't figure out when or where or why. Quickly there after she started asking me questions like... Are you stressed? Are you worried about your future? etc and I quickly realized I was giving the first lesson that God is our loving Heavenly Father and I find peace from keeping the commandments of God etc and really just bearing testimony to this doctor about the love of God. After about 15 min of this, I asked her if she would like to see my toe and she said yes. While I was pulling off my shoe and sock, she pulled out a HUGE medical book and started reading. Ingrown toenails often caused by extreme amounts of anger, stress and anxiety. My colleague Elder C is a really big joker and quite a few times he would play along with her and have to stop himself from bursting out laughing. It was as though I was in a dream a surreal moment. She then proceeed to do normal doctor things aka checking ears, mouth, nose a little pat here on the back a little push there on the intestines etc then after a few minutes of that she pushed on my toe causing quiet a bit of pain and then asked me while pushing my toe tell me what thoughts come to your mind when I do this? I almost lost it but said simply pain. After that she continued to prescribe plants and herbs for me to take etc it was a little out of hand. I then said to myself, there is no way I am going to fill this prescription.
But wait the TOE STORY continues...

I then said to my comp I am never going to see a doctor here ever again and he rationalized persuaded and exhorted me that I just had to. We then realized that Irving our investigator, who is from Mexico, who we were going to see, was a doctor. Throughout his rendezvous I didn't want to bring it up but I knew Elder C was and did. Throughout the rendezvous I still had my head cold with eyes watering. nose running. and soar throat despite this things it was a miraculous meeting and he came to church for the first time yesterday. After we had closed the meeting, he asked me if I wanted a vitamin C for my cold and I willingly accepted Elder C could not help but bring up my toe and next thing you know Irving who is a legitimate MD doctor started poking my toe etc He pulled out a prescription and wrote some medication down. He really encouraged me to go right then to get the prescription and go to the hospital and get it removed.

We had a rendezvous so it was not possible. Later that night we got the prescription and went home to call old investigators and everyone to come to church for Sunday I popped the allotted pill and started working. Quickly thereafter, I started feeling really weird... like really really weird. Like I was in the movie Horton hears a who weird. My colleague tells me later that I started saying things like... I feel like the world is dancing should I dance with it... and all sorts of really weird things. Elder C then laid me down in bed and started doing some research on the medicine I just took. He found that I had just taken really extreme pain killer medication. We then made the connection that Irving thought that my eyes watering were not from my head cold but rather the pain from my in grown toe nail and therefore thought I was really in extreme pain.

There will probably be another chapter of this toe nail story next week because my collegue is persistent in getting me into the doctor to get it cut off.

In other news, I went on an exchange to Nimes this week and really got to work cleaning their apartment and organizing there ward list and less actives part member families etc it was tons of fun. I really have found a joy in organization and helping the ward be more organized with their ward list. We gave a blessing to a ward member who is a professional rugby player in the ward here in Montpellier from Fiji. It was great definetly a challenge to do it in English.

Directly after that the soeur missionaries called us telling us that one of the soeurs has a sprained ankle we went over right than and gave her a blessing in french which was much easier.

I love being a missionary! The Lord has really used Elder C and I this past week and we both feel the satisfaction and joy that comes from being the instruments of the Lord.
Elder G

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Street Singing

I wish I had more time to elaborate all of this weeks crazy events but in a nutshell...

I think I found out how to pay for my new suit... (Just Kidding :))

This week with the other missionaries, we are contacting all together. With 7 missionaries it's pretty effective and can get crowded so I learned Amazing Grace and Nearer My God to Thee on the guitar and I play that for hours literally--- hours on end and improvise my lyrics about the people walking by in French, English and Arabic :) so far over 20 euros have been offered to me in change... but I always reject it and give them a brochure instead. It has been an awesome experience!!

The people-- Catholics particularly, recognize Nearer My God to Thee and start singing it with me while walking down the road. In fact, one man stopped me mid belt and told me to start over!!! I did. Then he sang with me all 4 verses!! As he left, he said the Lord's prayer. It was quite the experience.

Speaking of prayer, we had a rendezvous with a man from Martinique who loves the bongos and decided he really, really, really wanted to play bongos during our prayer to bring the spirit more fully it was great.

We went to Lyon this past week for zone council. The group of missionaries and the president just make it the coolest spirit and atmosphere.

I wish I was capable of writing more eloquently to describe daily events and experiences and the profound love that I have for my eternal family!
Elder Garlock

Monday, January 2, 2012

Transfers...but not for me!

6 months in Montpellier and almost 1 year in the same zone! I love this awesome warm climate! OOOO YAAAAA! Montpellier will also be receiving 3 sistars yes in deed 3! Meaning there will be a total of 7 missionaries to 1 ward which is the largest ratio in the mission! I'm thinking the Lord kept me here to be the grandpa in the ville. Full of wisdom with the buses, trams and neighborhoods.

I was meditating today about this past year of 2011 and really thought if someone were to walk up to me right now and say in the first 10 months of being in a foreign country you need to be fluent in the language and be the best french speaker out of your companionship and not only that but also teach to others the MOST important thing they will ever encounter in their lives effectively. I would have laughed and continued to watch sports center :)

I decided for 2012 it's the GRATEFUL YEAR oooo ya! Gratitude all around! On a serious noteI am very grateful for the scriptures, prayer and the chance each week to take the sacrament. These three vehicles have really helped me receive the Spirit of God and follow its prompting whisper, anchoring my decisions in order to guide me closer to our Heavenly Father.
There weren't very many members at church on Christmas or New years eve so we have been singing for sacrament meeting and passing the sacrament. I Love serving!

Elder Garlock