Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Missing the Puget Sound

How is the Puget Sound? It has been raining like crazy here which reminds me of looking out over the Sound and watching storms roll in tugs pass by and ferries snail around the beautiful bay. There had been a primary activity this week planned for Saturday but it was sadly cancelled because there were 5 sisters there with the one and only active primary kid.

We have been seeing great progress with a less active brother who I had called my first week in Angouleme I think I have already talked about him a bit. In any case he came to church yesterday and loved it. The day before we had him call another less active couple and invite them to church. It was great to see a man that had regressed in the gospel begin to progress again and taking action with his faith. Yesterday after church he came up to us in tears and thanked us for helping him see the vision once again. The Atonement of Jesus Christ is the vehicle and engine of love which creates change, repentance and progress to receiving eternal life which gift is the greatest of all gifts.

After being in France for so long you would think you have heard it all when people refuse you but this past week was something too funny. I was standing at a bus stop and turned to the lady to my left and asked her when the next bus was coming she said, "ca m'interesse pas", meaning that doesn't interest me. The man to her left said the next bus was coming in 5 minutes and the lady felt rather embarassed because she realized I was not trying to engage her in a gospel conversation right off the bat but find out the next bus time :) We all laughed including the women which was positive ;)

I loved your birthday wishes!! Thank you so much for the LOVE.
Elder Garlock

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

17 Miracles

Christ Lives. His Church is Restored. Thomas S Monson is the living prophet today. The Book of Mormon is the tangible concrete proof of these things. By reading the words found in The Book of Mormon we find the words of God, prophecies, revelations and testimonies of Gods servants. We receive the answers of questions of the soul, the fullness of the Gospel and a witness by the Holy Ghost that it is true. The only way that i have seen someone progress in the Gospel by following the prompting of the Holy Ghost and daily reading The Book of Mormon.

How grateful I am to be here in France. Is there opposition in all things? YES Is it all worth it? Yes, Although these past few weeks have been very challenging I feel more of God's love and know that he sent me here to Angouleme to be stretched in patience, charity and faith. When our hope is faith and we test our faith, it is sealed by the Holy Ghost to be truth and we receive a powerful witness from God that Man cannot give to us or take away.

How grateful I am to have a family sealed in the holy Temple of the Lord. Time and time again investigators know that marriage is ordained of God and know what we teach to be true but don't follow through and make the steps necessary.

As I had the occasion to watch the film, 17 Miracles, it reminded me of the words, Sacrifice brings forth the blessings of heaven. How much these saints gave and how much they were grateful for everything they had. How much I have and how blinded I am to not even recognize that I have it.

Something funny that I keep forgetting to write is the first morning of Elder D's mission he said 'is that the alarm to wake up?' and i said 'yes elder it is' :) haha

Today I received a phone call from the office of the mission asking me which airport I would like to fly into to go home and I said Paris :) !!!!


Elder Garlock