Wednesday, October 26, 2011

What I Learned from Seminary

Halloween parties are already happening? Here in France there hasn't been the slightest hint that there is Halloween. However, last year there were a few trick or treaters so we will see.

Something I wish seminary would have done is to teach to the level of the students rather to teach the lessons given. It is a must to have the students testify of experiences and to explain their ideas, thoughts and feelings. If not, you will receive cookie cutter answers every morning and no growth or testimony or unity.

I didn't like scripture mastery because the objective became memorizing scripture, but I didn't know why it was important... why would I want to memorize scripture? I think explaining the scripture, applying the scripture and then have the students recognize the application in their own lives ---if not, no one will grow.

Often times on my mission, now that I have scriptures memorized-- how did they become memorized? they come into my head as experiences happened---- the way this has happened was using them---- applying them----- They have entered in my life and touched me when I needed help.

We must help invite and guide others to Christ and the Spirit will lead them touch them and reveal unto them the truth so that they can attain happiness and this life and salvation in the life to come!

je vous aime tous!
Elder Garlock

Monday, October 17, 2011

Week in Review

Bon Jour!

This past week there was a ward talent show it was insane there were about 25 investigators at the show in about 30 ward members so it was pretty fun. The only problem was it went until 10 o'clock at night and all the people that stayed either were late to church or didn't come the next morning. The the other missionaries and I participated and did a midget skit-- Midgets in the morning. It was pretty funny and everyone laughed really hard! The Tahitians in the ward did a musical number and we had a few Spanish songs sung and played. My favorite by far was this African song with a recent convert who sang this super gospelly song.

Last Monday was very, very fun! We organized laser tag with the young adults and all of our investigators that were of that age and had about 15 people show up and go to war! It was intense because my comp and I are super good friends but he was placed on the other team so it was war! He beat me barely because he took advantage of the not as experienced players but I shot him 24 times and he shot me 24 times so I consider it a tie! It was great for our investigators and companionship unity!

This next week we will be having Elder Caussé from the area presidency do a tour of our mission and then in turn have a zone leader council with us it should be edifying and intense! That will happen on Friday and Saturday in Aix en Provence!

love you all,
Elder Garlock

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Keep Moving Forward!

Bon Jour!

I feel like I read something not to long ago about Lot's wife! It might have been a conference talk or something like that all I remember is it was super insightful. It made that point about Lot's wife that it wasn't that she turned around that she was turned into a pillar of salt (that would be Moses law) but it was that she desired to go back to still be a part of sin. (the law of Christ) How often do we repent but we skip the entire meaning of the word repentance?

Repentance is a Greek root which means a change of mind we must change our heart might mind and strength to not only never do the sin again but also not have that desire. We must place protective barriers in front of us or we are still in the battle field with out a sword or shield or the essential needs of war. We need to protect ourselves in this spiritual war! We know who has won-- Jesus Christ-- it's clear-- the only question left to be answered is did we accomplish the will of our Heavenly Father during this time? Did we aline our will enough with His? The goal of prayer is just that--- aliening our will with our Heavenly Father's.

This past week my companion and I were in Geneva, Switzerland for zone council yahoo! It was great!! So international. high class and fun! But yet so worldly! We went and bought Gatorade and Swiss chocolate which was amazing. We tried to go to the American store but it closes at 6:45 not at 7 like all other normal stores in the world! It was funny I think the Lord wanted us to stay focused--- all 14 zone leaders in the mission :)

It was a crazy time trying to leave from Montpellier to get to Geneva because we planned to arrive at the Gare (train station) 1 hour before our train because we knew it would be hard to find a parking spot. Well there is tons of construction right now so we couldn't make it on time so we put our emergency lights on and ran to the Gare telling the other companionship to meet us there so we could give them the car keys.

There was only one problem both of the other two missionaries were not authorized by President to drive and they both didn't know how to drive stick shift. So they made it to the Gare and we literally threw them the keys like in a movie and hopped on the train as it rolled away. We then had to call president to get permission for them to drive. We got permission and then we had to verbally explain to them how to drive stick!! O lalala!! What an experience!! They were in traffic and we also had to tell them where the car was in this massive city-- it was literally impossible!! But after much prayer they made it home only with one scratch :)

Please warn all foreign missionaries to learn how to play piano and stick shift before coming to the field!!!

I love the Holy Ghost it is one of my favorite subjects to study!!

Elder Garlock

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

General Conference


PARIS TEMPLE o ya! berets all around! :)

Conference was renewing I especially loved Elder Erying's talk (in priesthood) as well as Elder Christopherson who spoke on repentance. We missed the Sunday afternoon session because of the time change but i like reading Elder Oaks and Elder Nelson better than watching. It was very frustrating because we had planned on having quite a few people at church for it but only 4 showed up.

We had a miracle! A chilian who has been living in france for the past 30 years-- saw the lights on in the church and just walked in! His name is Roberto and that NEVER EVER EVER happens! The Lord blesses us when we do all we can do to accomplish all that he asks. We have been fasting once a week and workin 8 days a week and are seeing the fruits of our labors. The Gospel has been restored!

Elder Jeffery R Holland during the priesthood session rocked he reminds me of the FIRE Grandpa has! We must be related to him.
In past conferences,I usually took notes and at the end had a nice overview of what the speaks topics were. However, during conference I looked for more personal answers and epistles and less mundain note taking. Here are some things I had come into my mind from the speakers.

Many talked about the good the bad the happy the sad the easy the hard. But true character is shown when we learn from the bad, sad and hard times and find solutions to our current challenges and challenges to come.
Life is driven with a windsheild and a rearview mirror so look ahead and if needs be repent and back up.

The Priesthood can only be used to bless the lives of others ---it is impossible to give a personal priesthood blessing.

I love serving here in Montpellier and its definatly tough to balance and do everything that needs to be done but I have seen daily the hands of the Lord in my life. I am so grateful for the atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ and the purifing power of prayer and daily repentance.