Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Companions for a Day!

On an exchange in Marseille with Elder Wahlquist. Elder Wahlquist's Dad is Elder Garlock's cousin. They were born 2 days apart and left on their missions the same day, both called to serve in the same mission and they were in the same MTC District! This is the first time they have served together in France! Here they were on the streets talking to the people in Marseille and loving every minute of it.

Spring in France

Springing Forward here in the Cote dAzur also known as the most warm and vacationed area in France. It is starting to heat up! In two weeks there will be a huge medieval festival literally in our backyard. We live in probably the most beautiful apartment in the mission as far as I have seen. I hear Gap is pretty awesome but I won't be able to go there for another week or so it all depends on switches. Speaking of switches, yesterday I was with Elder Wahlquist on the streets of Marseille! It was an awesome time to catch up and see how much we have changed since the MTC his colleague is about to die (complete his mission) next transfer. I got to fill his companion's shoes while Elder Birk and Elder Barbar, were in a leadership meeting. It was amazing walking down the streets with Notre Dame towering over us and the famous port of Marseille and the chateau dif on the horizon. It was sweet. We actually had some fun talking to some Korean missionaries who believed that God the Father and God the Mother literally came to earth and ministered for the past 37 years in Korea. Definitely an experience as well as contacting together was a hoot. Elder Walhquist speaks very well and his colleagues all love his happy attitude. We also bought a baguette together and ate it over an awesome pasta dish that Elder Walhquist made for us. Mmmm it was good. Also I had the opportunity to go on an exchange with Elder Gubbay from Dubia who is french and the current missionary in Aix en Provence as well as Elder Heywood who was in the MTC with me and is currently the missionary in Avignon. This week was full of exchanges. We are hoping that next week we will finally receive a Car. FINALLY!!! As far as our amis go...

  1. Williams, who is from South America and we met a few weeks ago, is still on date to be baptized probably the 30th of April. He is sweet. Seriously, just been ready for the truth. He will also be turning 46 years old this Thursday. He came to church for the first time last week and just loved it.

  2. Eyasu, our other investigator who will probably be baptized on the 30th of April as well has become great friends with Williams. For Williams' birthday they are going to get together and walk the streets of beautiful Martigues. It is amazing how amazing it all worked out because we met Eyasu just before Williams and they have both problems speaking French but they speak English alright and communicate reasonably well. Eyasu is from Ethiopia and is married. Because of legal troubles, his wife is still in Ethiopia. We are thinking about teaching him this next week about eternal families. With Eyasu its pretty hard to communicate and break that barrier.

  3. Nga Sok is Cambodian. We met him while doing door to door last week. He lives just next to the church. He reminds me so much of Frere Leang in Pau its crazy. He came to the church this Sunday. We taught him starting on Thursday and saw him consecutively until Sunday. We are hoping that he will come for general conference.

  4. Sonia who always comes to English class is a lot like Soeur Sa Oliveira from Pau whom I baptized. Sonia takes notes and was hesitant at first to listen to us but when she started meeting the members they realized how many ties they all had. It was incredible. She cries often and we are hoping to engage her for baptism for the 30th of April. We have tons of hope for her. She was found when I was with Elder Bowen.

Those are our 4 leading amies who are SWEET.

I am stoked to hear General Conference. We probably will only hear it in French. I am starting to miss English a bit because with Elder Birk we only speak french.


Elder Garlock

Monday, March 21, 2011

Campaign: I-Phones for Missionaries!

What???!!!, you gave into the Tech boom buying an I-phone 4 that is sooo cool, soo jealous! Maybe you can write to President Monson and advocate for all missionaries to have an IPHONE that would be amazing. Then I would never get lost. In France, from ville to ville, all streets are called the same thing. Think about that with over 20 villes in my secteur and that many more roads with the same name!!! Oooo boy, yes that can be a headache.

Elder Birk from Denmark is a stud! I never met anyone so perfect. I'm pretty sure President sent him here just to humble me. This past week alone we have done almost more work than my entire 1st and 2nd transfers combined.

Yes, things are moving here. Like I said last week, we had 2 people engaged for baptism-- Eyasu from Ethiopia and another woman. This week we got a call from a man named, Sherman from Guwien in South America. He said he had met missionaries there and that he took the lessons. He has been in France for the last 6 months and has no friends because he lives in a heavy Arab neighborhood. We met him and engaged him for baptism and he said, "of course, I'll be baptized." It was a miracle.

Elder Birk is a beast with contacting working and just being perfect. I know that we have been blessed for how hard we have been working. I am super stoked for the next 5 weeks. Elder Birk is the only one willing to knock buildings with me. I really find joy in that for some reason.

We have found tons of Italian people this week for some reason. It has been awesome because Elder Birk can pick it up pretty well. Well, things are moving along. I love all of you and time is flying!! I can not wait to finally get a car here in Vitrolles.
Elder Garlock

Monday, March 14, 2011

Changes, Challenges and Companions!

WOW!! So much has changed!!

Elder Bowen is Transferred and in Caracousson. I am staying in Vitrolles for another 6 weeks. My new colleague is Elder Birk from Denmark! He has been the Assistant to the Président for the past 6 months. He is the Best Missionary ever!!

At the end of March we will also be receiving a car! Thanks to my many pleas that Vitrolles really has a need for a car. This past week we engaged 2 people to baptism had 6 people to church! This is a record for Vitrolles!!! Thank you for all of your many prayers for us here in Southern France.

Our English class this week will be all on me because Elder Birk is also trying to learn English. I am in Marseille right now waiting for Elder Birk.

Thank you for the sports updates! This month is driving me insane. I now realize my great love for college basketball and always doing those brackets.

Sorry this had to be so short but as Mr. Incredible would say, "duty calls."
Love-- Elder Garlock

Friday, March 11, 2011

Sweet Bacon!!!

Bon Jour!

I sit here humbled for the love that Heavenly Father has for each one of his children. Elder Bowen has fasted more than I have ever seen anyone fast ever. I love fasting.

This week Soeur Albertini and her daughter we reactivated which makes 4 reactivation's this year. Goal met! Now if we could reach our goal of 6 baptisms in the year. There is hope!! This past week we found Eyasu, an African who has been prepared for the message of the restoration. He came to church yesterday and in Elder's quorum we talked about tithing. Eyasu said, "ya that makes sense!"

Sweet bacon!! One minute we are struggling for investigators the next we find Eyasu!!

This week is transfers there is a chance I will be transferred. However, I would love to stay and see the jubilation in this ward when the 2 year drought is over. The stake president came for church yesterday as well and shared a sweet experience when he met the missionaries. The missionaries brought a bouquet of roses to his wife and at the end of the lesson they asked for one rose back. They next week they taught the law of tithing and showed that everything we have is a blessing. It reminds me of the story of JOB. We show our love for our Heavenly Father by following His commandments.

I love being with Elder Bowen. I hope that we get to stay together another transfer. He could go into comedy because I don't think in a 6 week period I have ever laughed so hard. I have also been playing piano a bit more than last transfer I have realized that the biblical story of the talents is true. My piano skills are sub par right now. I also miss playing basketball and guitar.

On the road and in Carrefore, the Safeway, if you will of groceries, I have been seeing advertisements for without identity I think it is translated into English not sure something like that. I also love the french musical artist from what I have heard named Christpher Maé. UGH I want to listen to it but that would be disobedient.

A fun fact about France is in Carrefore and all stores for that matter they do not have baggers or bags you have to bring your own from home to do shopping. I became a member of the grocery store chain and they give you a personal gun to ring up things so that when you check out you already know how much it's all going to cost. I must say Elder Bowen and I are pretty stinkin good at budgeting and getting a ton of food for cheap.

Our street contacting approach is normally something like, "Hey we're missionaries have you ever met missionaries like us before in the past?" Usually they don't stop because they think we are Jehovah Witnesses so sometimes if we get a funny look right off we say, "Hey, we're not Jehovah Witnesses. We then go on to discuss how the Book of Mormon is the doctrinal glasses and clarity of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Read the Book of Mormon, that always fixes my problems!

Love you all until the next week of miracles!

Elder Garlock