Monday, July 2, 2012


We have a new mission president and new changes new programs and new activities.

 As I look back on these last 23 months of life, the over all theme as been gratitude and struggle. Which in turn means growth. The Book of Mormon, if read daily, changes us, inspires us and keeps us safe from losing the battle in which we are found. Throughout the duration of my mission, promised blessings and promised trials have been fulfilled. Often times, I am found praying to have a difficulty taken from me. However, following Christ's example, a more correct attitude in prayer would be: give me this mountain, give me the force to overcome, learn from and conquer these challenges. 

I remember my Mission President said, "A mission is not a mission unless you finish in the trenches of this war between good and evil!"

I think that applies to everything.  If we care enough about this war, would it not make sense to be on the front line being a leader for change, a leader for reform and a leader of truth holding the banner of freedom!

Testifying of God, following His steps holding fast to the IRON rod! I love Doctrine and Covenants 1. This is not the new born babe in Bethlehem speaking, this is the Resurrected glorified Christ, the Savoir the God of Israel, restoring the work of Salvation on the earth and calling us to prepare for His return. He calls on the simple and weak things of the world to THRASH the nations. I definitely fit that description and category. This Gospel and cause of Christ is real and true.  If Christ needs a witness, I am there for I am living in the trenches and feel and see the sun through the clouds, thunder and rain!  

Elder Garlock

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