Friday, August 20, 2010

Week in Review from Elder G.

I love all of your letters!!! Now, let me give you a week in review!

I went to San Francisco on Tuesday spur of the moment--just for the day! Elder Wahlquist went yesterday, Thursday. Usually elders get notified in the mail that they will be leaving. SO Elder W got his notice letter and came back bragging because no one else had got one yet then in the middle of class my companion and I got called down to the travel office and they said," You are going to SF tomorrow!" We flipped! We were sooo excited! When we got back into class Elder W could not believe it was sooo awesome!

We woke up at 4 am to catch the bus to the airport! It was awesome to get out in the real world! It was intense! When we landed in the SF airport we got some of the weirdest looks ever! It was a huge contrast between leaving SLC airport and being loved and then arriving in SF and just getting awkward looks. We soaked it all in!

In San Fran we first went to the French consulate to get our visas. All french and Greek missionaries must make a personal appearance at the French consulate. After the consulate we got to spend 3 hrs on Pier 39! Which was sweet because I already knew where everything was from last years choir trip. We went to Boudin Bread Company and had some chowder and then my favorite part... we made it to IN N OUT and got me a MILKSHAKE!!!!! PS I miss Burgerville! Also, when we went in Boudin Bread Company Gavin Degraw was over the speakers and it was the song Danny Gessel and I sang for the octate 10th grade year homecoming! It was the first music I've heard for 3 weeks and was soooo pleasant! In the MTC you can't listen to music BTW.

While walking on the pier we got tons of crazy looks--many Mormons came up to us and took pictures and we had to explain we weren't serving in SF which was a surprise but fun. We also saw the sea lions and while watching those fat animals lazzzz around there was a french couple so I tried to start up a conversation and it worked until they overestimated my abilities so I was just had to own up that I wasn't a native french speaker-- but it was an experience and tons of fun. (My English has gotten horrible from french messing with my mind!)

This week I've been a bit overwhelmed with french tenses and the plan of salvation everything has been pretty difficult this week since we are officially old in the MTC!

Funny quick story from SF we were walking past some homeless people and one yelled "Ezra Taft Benson!!!" with his Heineken beer held high-- it was very funny. I also talked to a few Chinese people and they said you need to go to china in very broken English they continued --we need your message! It was awesome and up lifting! Then it was back to the airport to SLC -then the MTC!

There are tons of Firesides we see here from past years and they are awesome one was from Elder Bednar and in essence it answered the question, How can I tell the difference between the spirit and my brain messing with me? and he said, "DONT WORRY ABOUT IT! Just get on the righteous path and the Lord will guide you ---stop worrying about it!!!"
Till next week!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Sister Bateman headed to the MTC!

This is Sister Garlock's best friend and she is headed to the MTC! She is assigned to serve in the Salt Lake City Temple Square Mission! We will be praying for you! Give Elder Garlock a firm handshake in the MTC!

District News from Elder Wahlquist

Elder Garlock is serving with his cousin, Elder Wahlquist. They are in the same mission and the same district. They are having a great time together. They were born a day apart and have never lived by each other until now. Here are Elder Wahlquist's thoughts about their district..."My district is super fun and we always have a blast, even during class. We sing almost all the time, whether it be french hymns or disney songs. We especially sing in the shower. It's actually really cool to hear ten 19-year-old boys sing, 'I can go the distance' from Hercules at the top of their lungs, especially with it echoing off the the bathroom's tiled walls :)" This just melts a mother's heart! So cute!!! We Love our missionaries!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Letters from the Elder

"Bonjour!" Elder Garlock reports that he loves everything about the MTC. He eats every five hours and has gained 15 pounds! He loves the food and the variety. His companion is from Kaysville, Utah, Elder Allen. They get along great! His zone sings all the time! Luckily they all love to sing! He will begin speaking only French this week! Half of his brain is thinking English and the other French! Elder Garlock is excited when he sees other friends and family in the MTC. Elder Wahlquist, his cousin, is in his zone. He loves Dear Elder letters so please write! :) A Bientot!
Au revoir!