Monday, July 2, 2012

This is Elder Adams, a new companion.  Here are some of his thoughts.  Angoulême. Its a pretty beautiful place. The land is a lot more 'hilly.'' There's some rivers that run through the city

The climate is cool. Our apartment is really nice. The apartment used to be the worst in the mission,
according to President Murdock, but we got a new one a few months ago.

Elder Garlock is funny, and kind of crazy. For example, a member was dropping us off at our apartment, and we were almost there, just around another corner, and we were waiting at a light. Then Elder Garlock saw this guy walking outside, and he decided he wanted to contact him, so he jumped out of the car and ran after him. Then the light turned green and we had to go, so the member went and turned the corner and parked in front of our apartment. So I got our bags out of the car, thanked the member for the ride, and then went to find Elder Garlock. He looks exactly like Robert Patinson

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