Monday, March 12, 2012

Week of Many Miracles!

1. We started moving apartments on Friday and there was a large pile of garbage that needed to be thrown away after sorting through everything. Side note: In this ville because it is so small, it has specific days when the garbage man passes instead of huge community "pits". So our days were Wednesday and Sunday. Meaning that leaving a huge pile of garbage on the street is illegal any other day. So we left it out on the street for two hours and had the plan that the J's (a couple missionaries from Lacy, WA serving in Mont de Marson) would come by and haul it off to the dump. But before they arrived a man came up from the city to tell us we had to move it. We started talking a bit about religion and became friendly that he pulled his truck up next to our garbage and threw it in the back and hauled it off to the dump for us. Saving us a good hour!

2. Saturday night we made tons of phone calls to invite everyone to church and I called a man that said if someone could pick him up he would come so I organized that someone would go pick him up and he came and loved church! He told us after that he had prayed to be able to go to church on Sunday but he didn't know where. The last time he had contact with missionary's was in 2008. The Lord answers prayers!

3. As we were moving, a less active showed up and started helping us move. He said he had no clue that we were moving but happened to drive by right as we were loading up the van. We were able to talk to him about his 8 yr old son who is not baptized and invited him to become worthy to baptize him. He ended up coming to church which was the first time in over 10 months!

4. We had a rendezvous with a Catholic man and he accused us that we didn't know the Bible. The member we were with started reciting 30 psalms that he just so happened to memorize usually after manifestations of knowledge like that you come off prideful or unkind. But our member was filled with the spirit and love was in the room the man ended up staying in his ways and not accepting another testimony of Jesus Christ. But we felt like we were successfully fulfilling our missionary purpose.

5. We did lots of door to door contacting and found 3 new large famillies who accepted us with open arms which NEVER happens. Faith, perseverance and a good attitude based on the fundementals of the gospel of Jesus Christ I know was the only way that those miracles were produced. Applied eternal prinicples put into practice results the Love of God manifest!

Elder Garlock