Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Nathan with His Companion

Serving Smart and Working Hard

This week we have really worked hard, smart and by the spirit. We are looking for people who are ready to be baptized and who want to follow Jesus Christ

TODAY! The Lord heard our prayers and delivered! We found Victor who was taught by the missionaries in 2007 and then moved to America and lived in the south for 5 years and just this year he moved back. 

In America, he was working towards baptism with the missionaries and then moved. He was ready and so we engaged him for baptism! He came to church and loved it Sunday. 

We also made calls to all old investigators and people taught and found and taught Joao, a man who was very, very, ready and we also engaged to baptism. Both of them are engaged for the 21 of July! 

A mission is a blessing.  I have a firm belief that a mission should be challenging no matter where you serve. There is always a challenge specifically designed for your abilities.  I have learned that when flop and wail you need to lean on and love the Lord.

Elder Garlock