Monday, November 28, 2011

Eight Days a Week!

Golly time is flying.

Push ups in the morning are really adding up and the french language continues to become more and more intricate. I sometimes wonder how in the world I got by on what little knowledge of the french language I had a year ago. It was no doubt the gift of tongues.

Montpellier is the 8th largest ville with the most world's famous prankster named Remi Gaillard check out his you tube videos. I hear they are sweet from all the members. But as missionaries we are all dying because we can't watch em.

There has been plenty of opposition thrown our way in all directions recently it seems every time a great thing is happening there is opposition. If we can push the limits and be instruments in the Lord's hands there has got to be a miracle coming. Until then we work diligently and patiently on the Lord's time table not ours.

I am super excited for NOEL this year because I am totally going to take it to a new level Elder Claflin beat boxing and me singing at the place de la comedie. It is this HUGE POPULAR square in the middle of town.

Well, Christmas is in the air and Thanksgiving went well we had a little gathering with 4 other missionaries and ate a little meal which was fun. I am so grateful for your love and many prayers. I love the memories of Thanksgiving and Christmas together I can't think about it for to long or I get all trunky! But I am grateful for the unity that our family shares. What a great decision it was to live so close to family and so many other family friends. It really helped form my childhood and youth.

I love that it is easy for me to testify of the power of daily family scripture study and prayer. As well as family home evenings o ya!

Elder Garlock

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Not Enough Time in The Day!!

Transfer day has been crazy! Almost all of the transfer trains have been late today! My new comp is Elder Claflin. I'm staying here in Montpellier so I'll be here for Christmas. We have been looking for a new apt for the soeurs and Internet cafe so I can send pictures!

This past week we went to Beziers for an exchange. It was great to see everybody again. Happy Thanksgiving! I am grateful for each one of you.

Elder Garlock

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Zone Conference

Zone Conference!!

This week was Zone conference. Elder Nakken and I put on the lunch afterward and spoke after the mission presidents wife, Soeur Murdock for an hour according to our zone needs. It was very fun!! Tacos!! mmmmm Yes!!! We cooked the meat, bought the lettuce, tomatoes, salsa, sour cream, cheese and threw in a hint of lime. It seemed like it went over well, because everyone was stuffed and we had leftovers which we took home! I'm looking forward to shopping today so I can eat something other than tacos :) We also had an Elder from China cook two apple pies and a cheesecake.

This Zone Conference was a special one because we had personal interviews with president. The theme for the conference was for us to roar like lions. It was very inspiring and this past week after the conference we have seen fruits. Every companionship in the zone has someone fixed for baptism. Miracles are happening.

Randomly, since being gone for so long, memories will pop in and out of my head from back home. It feels like that world was just a dream. France seems so much like home now. It's hard to imagine I'll be going back home in less than a year.

It seems All of our people close to baptism have been letting opposition win. Seriously, there have been 9 people ready and standing at the waters of baptism but for one reason or another have not entered. I am hoping the Soeur missionaries that are coming will be able to break this drought!

My old ville of Béziers has been EXPLODING with 2 baptisms since I left and the branch is just gaining momentum!! It's so great to see the branch have new life, new fire and to see them thrust in their sickles to do the will of our Heavenly Father.

I loved this past talk about the Book of Mormon It was amazing!!! Everyone share it with your friends!

Love you all!!

Elder Garlock

Monday, November 7, 2011

Trains and Delays

Bon Jour!

This week was full of delayed trains and early mornings. We went to Lyon for our monthly zone council and presented zone goals and spent some time with president. It was rough trying to make it out to Lyon as to the fact it has been raining non stop and when I say rain I mean Washington real thunder lighting kinda rain!! Oh ya it was coming down! It flooded in the canals and all the trains were delayed or canceled so we had to switch trains 3 times to make it from Montpellier to Lyon.

Pauline, who is one of our engages for baptism has been progressing well and we hope to have a baptism the 19th. It is going to be great because her boyfriend is a member and we are definitely thinking that will be a future eternal family o yayayaya! o yayaya! We also met a sweet student who actually has her family in PAU.

My companion has 3 huge spider bites on his stomach it must be spider season. Last night we were porting and it was raining and for some reason the stairs had spiders in ever crack possible it was so gross !!

I love you all and hope y'all are visiting
Have a happy thanksgiving!!
Elder Garlock

OCT. 31, 2011

Where shall I begin? A wild week!!
Scary Encounter, a random woman from California, stake conference, stake conference choir, Recent Convert: Jean luc, delayeeeeeeeeeeeeed trains, Carcassonne sleep over, Elder Wahlquist.
Kidnapping not going to go into detail...l hoping the experience will be erased from my memory but long story short.

My companion and I were out in a little ville working there for a day and trying to call and contact everyone we could who lived in the area because we usually are not out in that direction. So we called this man and he said he was busy and he shortly there after called us back and said that if we wanted we could go with him to his house. So we arranged it for him to pick us up in this small ville and drive us there. We met up got in his car and started talking just seeing who he was what is does for work those types of things. Next thing we know we are on this movie scene-- like 24--- abandoned industrial factory with huge pot holes and him wrecklessly driving.

Spirit left and I was flipping out. Started asking him some more questions-- he told us he does the same things we do just with actions. He doesn't work-- all he does is figures out ways to take down the "men of the world" he has no belief in God and he confessed that we weren't going to his house but rather some of his "friends" that want to meet us. My collegue was in the front seat me in the back--- he put down the make up mirrior and looked at me like what is going on elder?

I was super scared! Thoughts were running through my mind like:
ok i can fake sick, get out of the car and run back to our car... but then I realized that's a dumb plan... he knows where the car is!!

Number two, I'm not ready to be chased down by a car and become road kill.
The other thought was I can strangle him from the back while my companion beats him senseless but then I thought he could easily call the cops and set us up.

So we both said silent prayers and went with it. He got us back on the high way and I was like ok maybe he is just joking I'll try the hahah funny man so who really are you, kind of thing. Tried it Failed...

So when we got back on the highway he wasn't really talking anymore and he pulled a u turn in the middle of the high way with cars honking fingers being thrown and 2 elders praying their hearts out.

We took a u turn down a road on the highway that was under construction and he started flooring it towards these back hoes and huge construction trucks about 30 yards before All three of us were going to die he whipped it down a dirt road off the freeway towards the bay and all these brushy areas. We finally arrived at a Romanian camp just like the ones I had known in Béziers. I calmed down and just said hi no big deal and they were nice no problem. We then told the crazy guy to take us home!!! This man was a lunitic.

It turns out that this man tries to legalize all the romanian camps. To make a long story short he tried taking pictures with us with them to show to the state saying that the church supports this up rising that he is a part of. It was weird stuff, weird feelings, just nuts!! We then asked him to take us home but he instead took us to another one and tried the same thing. We finally after all was said and done told him to take us home or we would call the police.

The random woman from Califonia was stranded in Montpellier. She had been trying to get to Spain but missed her train. She is in fact a travel guide :) She tried checking with all the hotels for open rooms but they were all booked. So we actually met her in this same internet cafe and heard her speaking american english so I contacted her. We tried our best to help her and called a few members and found her a place to stay. I do not recommend this to anyone. She spent the night at aimes house who used to be a professional soccer player who had a car accident and was paralized and is in a wheelchair. Seriously, one of the most charatible men I have ever met. We woke up the next morning and took her to the train station. Got her contact information to pass on to the Californian missionaries!

Stake conference was this weekend. It was great! The stake choir was lacking so I got a chance to sing in it with a couple other missionaries. It was intense because we had never practiced any of the songs together. Elder Wahlquist was actually in the choir with me it was really great to see him. He is as GQ as ever :) The songs ended up going pretty well!

At stake conference I ended up seeing the branch from beziers. It was a great reunion to see one of the recent converts who was baptized while I seved there at stake conference. On the way home from stake conference there was a train delay of 2 hours-- once we got on the train it broke down almost between ever train station and arrrived 8 hours after its scheduled time of arrival.

This past week was full of surprises! Seeing miracles daily!
Elder Garlock