Monday, July 18, 2011

Lyon, France Mission

We love France :)


We recieved our calls and I will be staying in Béziers for another 6 weeks and be training! Super excited! Tomorrow I will be going to Geniva Switzerland to meet my blue! STOKED going to swiss tomorrow just for 2 days but still our Heavenly Father loves me!

Elder Smedley will be transfered to Lyon which he is stoked for! Béziers is a lot like Vitrolles in the sense that its a more difficult area. However, the past 2 transfers here have been incredible-- 4 baptisms!

Jean luc was happily baptised this past Saturday and our new member Soeur Tomescu gave a wonderful talk on baptism. The spirit was so strong! Because of vacations and traffic jams the baptism consisted of Elder Smedley conducting. I baptised, playing piano and gave a talk on the Holy Ghost. Another Brother from the branch Fr Marshes was a witness, Soeur Tomescu and Jean luc were present. It was the most touching baptismal service I have ever attended. It was an incredible experience because Jean luc contacted the church 4 weeks ago and wanted to be baptised. He lives literally 2 doors from Soeur Tomescu and we always teach together. He stopped smoking and stopped drinking coffee... it is a miracle!

For preperation day today we went bowling with the zone leaders and ate the famous star kebab to celebrate the 3 baptisms in 1 transfer! It was a hoot!

In other news...all letters must be sent directly to the city which I am serving in so my address for all mail NOT PACKAGES is....

29 residence la petit prince
allees paul riquet
Béziers 35000 FRANCE

Elder Garlock

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Short and Sweet

Not much happened this week.We met some people from China. We will be doing exchanges with the missionaries from Montpeiller more often because one speaks Chinese!

Brother Luc should be baptized this Saturday so we are preparing for that.


Elder Garlock

Friday, July 8, 2011

4th of July

We met our new mission president, President Mudock. There are some minor rule changes such as 60 minutes on the Computer. I shall learn to manage.

Any who we did an exchange with the new assistants of the mission and then the night after, the old assistants randomly showed up and surprised us. Today, the zone leaders randomly decided to drop by. So things here have been, needless to say, stressful.

On a lighter note Gioacchino was baptized and it was amazing!!!! Not a ton of members that came but our recent convert soeur tomescu who was baptized the week earlier, gave the prayer in french and it was a very big deal because she has only prayed in Romanian. After she said amen she announced," that was that... first prayer I have ever given in french..." She was so proud! We were so proud! awww the spirit was strong!

Elder Smedley and I had the opportunity yesterday, to go to the local famous cathedral and listen to the concert of the organ. It was crazy epic in France HUGE organ playing Bach and all manner of epic ness with massive statues and all manner of huge medieval flair.

There are tons and tons of German, Hollanders and English tourists so we are contacting many people in English it is so weird! Also a member family came from Germany and sang for the sacrament meeting. It was very moving. I feel so ignorant in such a historic place as France and Béziers. There is so much history and now I am learning to appreciate it. Still not fully understanding art but the history is a good start.

Today HAPPY INDEPENDENCE!!!!!!!! Today we organized bowling here in Béziers for a couple companionships so exciting!!!! BOWLING!!!!

Elder Garlock