Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Transferred and Toe Surgery

Change has occurred and I have been sent to Angouleme! It is just north of Bordeaux and is the comic book capitale of the world!

It is a tough city with 0 amis when I arrived. This past Sunday was branch conference and there were 38 people at church with 25 of them being for the stake presidency or auxilaries and their families.

We arrived late at night and the next morning We woke up freezing and immediately called the bureau asking to go buy a heater because it was soooooo cold!

The branch members are awesome and very unique I love it :) These past couple days have been an organization feast and here it's a Beziers /Vitrolles mix with a branch and crazy bus schedules to deal with! I have confidence that the Lord has prepared me to help this branch and look forward to this challenge.

TELL everyone to study preach my gospel! I can testify that there is a large difference between missionaries and members who actually study and apply its principles and those that don't. It will help with everything in the church giving talks, teaching Sunday school, having friends receive the missionaries and the restored gospel it is modern day scripture!

This Gospel is true and restored, my toe is slowly recoving and healing and the Atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ is something applied daily in my life. Preach my gospel changes how the gospel is presented and by its effect how it is received.

Elder Garlock